Veronica Toumanova

Veronica Toumanova

Veronica knows stuff.

She knew momentarily when she came to her first practica, that tango was hers to love and to live. It has been almost twenty years but she is still filled to the bream with those amazing sensations that made her abandon working in UI design and dedicate herself to teaching tango.

She knows how to communicate. Dance is her eighth language. Fluency in seven others allows her to teach in many countries in students' native tongues. Experience in modern dance, classical ballet, yoga, Pilates and gyrotonics lets find concise explanations for controlling one's body and helps people discover the inner workings of a movement and integrate it on a deeper level, rather than copy it from an external source.

Veronica knows the answers to the most difficult questions. Why your dance does not look good despite all the practicing. Why leaders get bored with themselves. Why sometimes you learn nothing from the best teachers. Why years of tango will not make you an advanced dancer and what will.

Interesting fact: Veronica is a popular blogger. You can read her essays here.

Born: Russia