Tango d'Amore

Tango d`Amore — 10(2018)

Date Time Performance, DJ Venue
26 July (Thursday) 23:00−05:00 DJ Mik Avramenko, special performances from Semeon and Taisia (folclore), Yury and Natalia (tango), entrance 15€ Hotel Mirniy resort
27 July (Friday) 23:00−05:00 Tango performance from Elena & Sergey. Folklore show from Victoria and Mario. DJ Yury Cherenkov, entrance 15€
27 July / 28 July (Saturday morning) 5:30−08:30 Sunrise after-party milonga at the sea-side
DJ Semeon Kukormin, entrance 5€
Riviera beach club
28 July (Saturday) 23:00−05:00 Folklore show from Maria Moreno and Jesus Gorgone. Tango performance of Stefania & Juan Martin
DJ Jenni Valli, entrance 15€
Hotel Mirniy resort
28 July / 29 July (Sunday morning) 5:30−08:30 Sunrise after-party milonga at the sea-side
DJ Anastassia Starosseltseva, entrance 5€
Riviera beach club
29 July (Sunday) 22:30−05:00 DJ Alejandro Muñoz,surprise performances, entrance 15€ Hotel Mirniy resort
29 July / 30 July (Monday morning) 5:30−08:30 Sunrise after-party milonga at the sea-side
DJ Ralph Nasi, entrance 5€
Riviera beach club
Date Time Teachers Classes
26 July (Thursday) 19:00−20:30 Maria Chacarera: foundation of dance. 12€
19:00−20:30 Stefania and Juan Martin Style and strength: Leaders technique with Juan Martin. 20€
20:45−22:15 Victoria and Mario Zamba: musicality and expression.20€
20:45−22:15 Elena and Sergey Elegance is simple. Followers technique with Elena. Group is fully booked
27 July (Friday) 19:00−20:30 Maria Zamba: foundation of dance.12€
19:00−20:30 Elena and Sergey Confidence and charisma. Leaders technique with Sergiy. 12€
20:45−22:15 Victoria and Mario Chacarera: musicality and expression. 20€
20:45−22:15 Stefania and Juan Martin Dance like a queen: Followers technique with Stefania. Group is fully booked
28 July (Saturday) 14:30−17:45 Maria Form of dance: Precision and smoothness. Searching for personal style. 24€
14:30−16:00 Elena and Sergey Caminata with variety. How to make the walk interesting. 12€
16:15−17:45 Elena and Sergey Milonga traspie: double-time variations. How to vary milonga steps. 12€
18:00−21:20 Stefania and Juan Martin Giros Intensive Workshop. 40€
18:00−19:30 Victoria and Mario Malambo: musicality and expression. 20€
29 July (Sunday) 14:30−17:45 Maria Meaning of dance: Rethinking the body. Putting emotions into dance. 24€
16:15‒19:30 Stefania and Juan Martin Musicality Intensive Workshop. 40€
18:00-19:30 Victoria and Mario Chamame: deep as tango, clear as folklore. 20€
20:00−21:30 Elena and Sergey Vals: Musicality and dynamics in circular motion. 12€
Date Time DJ Place, ticket
28 July (Saturday) 20:00‒22:30 DJ Anastassia Starosseltseva Restaurant Zebra (just across the street from Stella residence), ticket 150UAH
29 July (Sunday) 20:00‒22:30 DJ Alexandra Sharogradskaya Stella residence, ticket 150UAH

You can still join the classes that are not fully booked. Prices are listed for a single class. If you take more classes you can get up to 20% discount.

If you haven't prepaid sunrise milongas you can still get there yourself and buy ticket at the entrance (it will not include soup and transfer which we order in advance).

If you want to arrange a private lesson - please contact book@tangodamore.com

All night festival milongas and workshops will take place in Hotel Mirniy resort.

Pre-party on Wednesday July 25th and after-party on Monday July 30th will take place at Stella residence. For more information click here.