Tango d'Amore

Plot Summary for

Tango d`Amore — 11 (2019)

Enjoy summer to the fullest - go to Tango d’Amore. You will meet amazing dancers, flawless organization, stunning sunrises and a whole sea of happiness.

Tango d'Amore is a tango festival for those who love to:

- laugh

- watch the sunrise

- swim and sunbathe

- listen to the sound of waves

- nice dance-floor

- party

- dance chacarera in the sea

- have borscht for breakfast on the coast

- gape at beautiful people

-close eyes during a tanda

- eat watermelon with a large spoon

- learn new things in class

- watch breathtaking performances

- enjoy life

If this is about you, do not deny yourself the pleasure!

Written by Tanya Yuldasheva