Maria Moreno

Maria Moreno

Do you often have an opportunity to be yourself? Do you find the courage to show who you actually are to your partner, the one who is standing in front of you and is looking in your eyes? That’s actually what folklore is about. It is not about bizarre schemes of other people's dances, it's not about "running and waving your arms to have fun" as it is often perceived from outside. Folklore is foremost a huge freedom, it's a dialogue with another person and at the same time a way to understand who you really are.

She is the one who is already called "teacher of my teacher" far beyond her country. In a gentle and almost imperceptible way, she changes not only your dance but helps to understand deeper who you are. After her lessons you begin to feel your own body much better. You learn to fill the space around and to embrace another person without touching him/her, standing at a distance of several meters - and this ability affects even how you dance tango. You seem to be getting bigger, brighter and more visible. Nothing special - you "just" dance folklore.

Maria's lessons are unique and are not tied to a certain level of dancing. Beginners get acquainted with the very basics of folklore by learning not the formal schemes but its very essence; and therefore are able to dance from the first lesson. At the same time the more advanced dancers are challenged to overcome their own boundaries, to go beyond usual patterns in search of their own movement and their unique style of dancing.

Maria Moreno is a show partner and student of the world-famous folklore master Emilio Cornejo (Argentina). Maria has been dancing in various dance styles since early childhood. At the age of 9, she became a prize-winner of the European Ballroom Dance Championship; and at age of 16, finalist and prize-winner of the Tap-Check World Championship. Since 2012 she started dancing tango that led her to argentine folklore. At the moment she lives and teaches in Moscow and regularly conducts workshops abroad.

Trivia: Majored in Architecture

Born: Ukraine