Josefina Bermudez

Josefina Bermudez and Pancho Martinez Pey

Unfortunately, Fabian Peralta won't be able to come to Tango d'Amore this year. He is recovering after an operation. His partner, Josefina Bermudez Avila, will perform and conduct classes with Pancho Martinez Pey. We'll tell you about him.

Pancho - is a dancer with colossal experience. He took part in the most famous shows ("Tanguera", "Esquina Carlos Gardel") and is a keen social dancer. Professor at the National University of Arts. Judge of Mundial and Metropolitan championships. For the past several years he has taught with Lorena Hermocida, and has also worked with Alejandra Mantiñan and Milena Plebs among others. He is respected and loved among the greatest dancers. Graciela Gonzalez says that his embrace is like a bear's and gladly sends students to him. Just the fact that Pancho is the favorite partner of legendary Maria Nieves makes us eager for him to come to Odessa.

Fabian and Josefina balance their act like trapeze artists.

On the one hand, they've got a unique style that sets apart their dance and makes it momentarily recognizable. It's creativity will definitely leave you in awe. Characterized by lavish improvisation and intricate movements it is livened up by a wonderful sense of humor. They dance like no other.

On the other hand, few teachers are so firmly set on transferring tradition. Solid steps of old maestros pave the way to an infinite number of combinations.

This mix of style and tradition is what makes Fabian and Josefina's classes a must-have. Learn the building blocks to form your own style and find a new interest in tango.

Born: Argentina