Elena Sergienko & Sergey Podbolotnyy

Elena Sergienko & Sergey Podbolotnyy

Elena Sergienko and Sergey Podbolotnyy are much loved by dancers. Both born in Ukraine, they developed into international superstars. Sergey is based in Shanghai and Elena in Moscow. They are amazing dancers who have recently joined forces for a busy tour schedule.

Their unique teaching methods complement each other as well as their vibrant personalities. The main thing in dancing for them is contact: with themselves, with each other, with the music and the ronda. In one word their dancing style can be described as elegant.

Technical classes are devoted to exploring motion and interaction: the exercises improve coordination and the ability to concentrate and release the body. Seminars are built "from simple - to complex", which makes it easy to master even complex figures. Nevertheless, Sergey and Elena pay much attention to the meaning of the dance, because it is impossible to create a dance, working only on form.

Here are some facts about them:

Elena considers Graciela Gonzalez to be her main teacher.

Sergiy was taught by Nito and Elba Garcia, Javier Rodrigues, Sebastian Achaval and many more.

Elena performed in Argentina, Turkey, Italy, China...

Sergiy performed in Australia, China, Korea, Singapore...

Elena runs a website with useful dancing tips.

Sergiy participated in creating one of the major tango events in Asia — the Shanghai International Tango Marathon.

Born: Ukraine