DJ Yury Cherenkov

DJ Yury Cherenkov

Yuriy Cherenkov - is a bluesman, a culinarian and a tango DJ. Yuriy believes that the milonga, just like a good dish, requires the right recipe and only the best quality ingredients. His favorite spices are cinnamon, vanilla and red pepper.

A recipe from Yuriy:

"Take a pinch of Calo, di Sarli or Laurenz - stew on low heat, add D'Arienzo with Echague - shake, but do not mix! To bring to the boil add a few drops of Pugliese. Add salt and spices to taste. Serve hot!"

Yuriy has a lot of recipes for delicious tango dishes, of course, with folklore - the cherry on top.

Trivia: Yuriy used to sing first soprano all through school.

Born: Ukraine