Fabian Peralta and Josefina Bermudez
  19:45 Embrace. Importance of distance.
  21:15 Connection. The link between leading and following.
  17:30 Delicious structures. Part 1.
  19:00 Delicious structures. Part 2.
  17:30 Valsecito cruzado.
  19:00 Valsecito criollo.

Veronica Toumanova
  21:00 Centering, grounding and the work of the free leg.
  18:00 Musicality and self-expression.
  20:45 The work of the foot and basic set of adornments - followers technique.
  20:45 Complex and unusual adornments - followers technique.

Jesus Gorgone
  18:45 Chacarera tradicional.
  19:00 Zamba tradicional.
  15:00 Chacarera estilizado.
  15:00 Zamba estilizado.

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*Traditionally borscht is served at sunrise after-parties. It's a hot national Ukrainian soup. It has to be booked in advance.

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